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May 2022
Muirfield Community Garage Sale 2022
Published 05.25.22
Report Of May HOA Board Meeting
Published 05.22.22
Seasonal Guest Pass
Published 05.19.22
Signage Policy
Published 05.11.22
April 2022
Muirfield Association Board of Directors Election of 2022
Published 04.06.22
Election 2022 Update
Published 04.05.22
March 2022
Primary Election; Happy St. Patrick's Day
Published 03.17.22
ALERT: Parade Canceled Saturday, Other Events Still On
Published 03.10.22
Dublin Honors Ukraine; Additional Info Re Celebrations Next Week
Published 03.03.22
Do you want to run for election to the Muirfield Association Board of Directors?
Published 03.01.22
February 2022
Muirfield Village Outdoor Living & Landscape Design Seminar Exclusively For Residents
Published 02.25.22
Annual Assessment Reminder
Published 02.18.22
January 2022
Report on January HOA Board Meeting
Published 01.27.22
Annual Assessment Sent
Published 01.21.22
Annual Assessment Information
Published 01.19.22
Now Hiring Lifeguards For The 2022 Swimming Pool Season
Published 01.18.22