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Real Estate Signage Requirements

Signage is very limited in Muirfield Village. Real estate professionals should become familiar with the Muirfield Association Signage Policy before placing a sign on the property. The Muirfield Association Signage Policy also apply to For Sale By Owner signs.

The following are excerpts from the Muirfield Association Signage Policy. These excerpts apply specifically to real estate signs and For Sale By Owner signs. The entire policy may be downloaded here.

Allowed Signage:

Real Estate Agencies posting a house for sale, property owner advertising a house For Sale by Owner, and/or builders posting new home construction may display signs prepared according the Definition of a Standard Sign without prior written authorization from the Muirfield Design Control Committee (MDCC). These signs are designed to blend into the environment rather than project attention.

Definition of a Standard Sign:

Colors: Signs shall be (Olympic) Oxford Brown or (Sherwin-Williams) Wolf Drive Grey (equal to Pantone #418 background with an off-white or cream (equal to Pantone #4545) lettering (not white). This color standard applies to all panel elements of the sign. Other color combinations are prohibited.

Lettering: Copy must be a standard block, non-serified typeface such as Helvetica. Exception is granted where the proper name of the entity is a "stylized" typeface which is verified by use on business cards or letterhead.

Logos: Graphic logo images which represent the existing identity of the Company are permitted provided that such logo does not exceed 20% of the sign face.

Quantity: No more than one Real Estate or For Sale by Owner sign and/or one builder sign may be posted on any one lot.

Placement: One approved Real Estate, For Sale by Owner, and Builder sign shall be placed on the front of the lot within the buildable area of the property. The sign must be oriented with the address of the property. Signage is prohibited to be located along the boulevard, at the rear of the lot, or facing the golf courses.

Term: The term of such use is limited to a period ending when the house goes into contract.

Non-Standard Signage:

To obtain permission to place any sign that does not meet the definition of a standard sign requires application to the MDCC for review. When submitting an application it is important to include the type of sign requested, such as post and arm or metal tube type. A clear information cylinder or box may be attached to the mainframe of the sign. Signs must not be placed on common elements nor on street posts or in City rights-of-way. Signage found on common elements will be removed and stored for 60 days. Residents are encouraged to use newspaper or electronic media to advertise their sale. The following also applies to non-standard signage:

Enforcement: The Association staff or appointee may remove signs that do not comply with the rules. If removed, the signs will be stored at the Association office and disposed of if not claimed after 60 days. Please contact the office at 614-889-0922 to recover the sign.

Open House Signs

Open House Signs: Signs identifying that a home is available for an open house, in conjunction with the lot being "for sale" are permitted, pursuant to the following rules and regulations:

Sign Standards:

Download Complete Signage Policy

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