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Muirfield Association is happy to assist new, future, and existing residents as well as real estate professionals find answers to their questions! If you can't find what you're looking for here or elsewhere on our site, please contact us, email info@muirfieldassociation.com or call the office at 614-889-0922.

Aside from the following FAQs, future residents and real estate professionals are encouraged to read What Future Owners Should Know.

FAQ: Do I need to sign up (register) with the Association after I move in?

Answer: Yes, please stop by the office at your earliest convenience after moving in. Registration will ensure that the Association can contact you and mail any necessary correspondence. Additionally, registering will enable you to receive an orientation of Muirfield Village, a welcome packet, and Muirfield photo ID cards. Muirfield ID cards are required to enter the pool facilities.

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FAQ: What do I need to bring to orientation?

Answer: Please bring your completed New Resident Form. (Blank New Resident forms are also available at the office.) If you have purchased a home, you do not need to bring closing documents. However, if you are leasing, bring a copy of your lease that clearly shows the residents' names, the property address, and the terms of the lease (the expiration date). We will make a copy of the page(s) that show this information. Feel free to black out rent or other costs.

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FAQ: Where is the Association office?

Answer: The Association office is located at 8372 Muirfield Drive, Dublin, Ohio, 43017. Please follow the directions below or download a detailed map with driving directions. GPS units generally do not work well when trying to pinpoint our office.

From the south: Drive north on Muirfield Drive and continue north through the Brand Road roundabout. Pass Muirfield Green Blvd. on the right, then Crossgate Drive. Our driveway is next on the right. There will be a sign for Tarton Drive to the left and there will be a large pond with a gazebo. Turn right (east) before the pond. Go past the pool and tennis courts. The Association office building is at the end of the driveway.

From the north: Drive south on Muirfield Drive. Look for Tarton Drive on the right and the pond and gazebo on the left. Turn left into the driveway that is across the street from Tarton Drive. Go past the pool and tennis courts. The Association office building is at the end of the driveway.

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FAQ: When is the office open?

Answer: The office is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you're coming for an orientation, please arrive by 4:00 p.m. since the orientation takes some time.

The Association office is closed on all federal holidays and may be closed other days. Dates are listed on the Muirfield Calendar.

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FAQ: What amenities and services are offered to Muirfield residents?

Answer: Amenities include access to the pools, tennis courts, pathways, fishing lakes, playgrounds, a practice putting green and chipping area, and all common areas. There is no cost to use the amenities; they are included as a part of living in Muirfield Village. Amenities are detailed on the amenities page and on the Resident Amenities page of the Property Handbook.

Services include free visits from the Design Control Committee architects, the ability to purchase firewood and have it delivered and stacked, and mailbox repairs and maintenance (fees may apply). The City of Dublin also offers services to residents. More information can be found on the Resident Services page of the Property Handbook.

Muirfield offers swim lessons and tennis programs seasonally for a fee. Please visit the swimming and tennis pages starting in April of each spring to view programs.

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FAQ: Where are the amenities located?

Answer: There are tennis courts, a pool, a basketball court, and a playground at each of our recreation locations:

Holbrook Recreation Complex
8372 Muirfield Drive
Dublin, Ohio 43017
Ph. 614.889.0837

Glick Road Complex
6716 Glick Road
Dublin, Ohio 43017
Ph. 614.889.1504

The Muirfield Maps and Directions page has two maps that show the locations of both recreation areas, the fishing lakes, and the pathway system.

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FAQ: When are the pools open?

Answer: The Muirfield pool season runs Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Pool hours may differ by location and day of the week. Pool hours can be found here starting around April of each year.

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FAQ: How can I find out about activities in Muirfield?

Answer: Muirfield has many activities and clubs for residents to choose from! Follow the links on the activities page for more information about available activities and organizations, and visit the Muirfield Calendar for a listing of upcoming events and activities.

The Muirfield Social Activities Committee sponsors many events in Muirfield. Being involved is a great way to get to know others in the community!

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FAQ: Where can I find a street map or path map of Muirfield?

Answer: We have both a street map of Muirfield Village and a path map available here for viewing and/or downloading free of charge.

A paper copy of each map will be given to new residents free of charge during orientation. Residents may purchase an additional street map for $3 or a path map for $2 during regular business hours.

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FAQ: What are the rules for living in Muirfield Village?

Answer: Muirfield is a planned unit development. As such, there are property regulations in place to keep a high standard of living and high property values.

The Warranty Deed is the legal document that lists the rules for living in Muirfield, particularly in Article 7 and Article 8. An easier-to-understand document is the Muirfield Property Handbook. Individual Property Policies can be found here.

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FAQ: How can I find homes for sale in Muirfield?

Answer: Muirfield Association does not keep a list of properties available for sale and is not aware of what properties might be available. The Association recommends contacting a local real estate agent or searching online home listing services.

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FAQ: Do all exterior property changes, additions, or improvements need to be approved by the Association?

Answer: Yes. All exterior changes, removals, or additions to the property must be approved in writing by the Design Control Committee before any work begins. Examples include, but are not limited to, painting; installing new window(s), door(s), a roof, garage doors, or deck; the removal or addition of any permanent landscaping elements or gardens; the addition of a radon unit, play equipment, a basketball hoop, fence or pool; creating building additions; or any other exterior remodeling.

Projects that would be exempt from this would include repainting the home and trim the exact same color, the planting of annual flowers, replacing rotten boards on houses, decks, or trellises with the exact same material and same color, removal of trees less than 6" caliper, or replacement of a driveway with the exact same shape, size, and material as the current driveway.

The Design Review page contains all of the applications necessary to submit for property changes. These include directions, guidelines, and a list of what needs to be submitted to the Muirfield Association.

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FAQ: Someone has advertised that their company, products or services are "Approved by Muirfield". Do I still need approval?

Answer: Yes. There is no such thing as a pre-approved company, product or service. Although many companies have worked with homeowners and the Association to have their products or services approved for one property, that does not mean the product or service is automatically approved for all properties. Each property change is reviewed on a case by case basis and what might be approved in one location in Muirfield may not be approved in another area. Please be wary of anyone making such claims.

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FAQ: I have dead or dying trees. Do I need to have approval to remove them?

Answer: It depends on the diameter of the tree. Residents must get approval to remove any tree over 6 inches in diameter. If the tree trunk is under 6 inches in diameter, approval is not needed. Additionally, the trimming of trees or removal of dead wood does not require approval.

Naturally, the Design Control Committee will approve the removal of any dying or dead tree. The purpose of submitting a plan is to indicate what the tree will be replaced with.

If a tree has been damaged during a storm and poses an immediate danger, it may be removed on an emergency basis. In this case, residents must submit a plan to the Design Control Committee after the fact and explain the circumstances. On the plan, indicate what type of tree will planted as a replacement.

Download the Tree Removal and Replacement application and guidelines.

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FAQ: Where are the Design Review applications located?

Answer: All Design Review applications and guidelines are located on the Design Review page and are listed in alphabetic order. These forms include directions, regulations, and a checklist of what needs to be submitted to the Muirfield Association.

Please mail or bring completed applications (along with any materials the application requests) to the Association office. Applications and photos may be submitted by emailing them to info@muirfieldassociation.com; however, physical samples would need to be mailed or brought to the Association office. There is a drop box outside the front door of the office if you are unable to visit during regular business hours.

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FAQ: When are Board of Directors, Design Control, and Grounds & Facilities meetings?

Answer: For an up-to-date list of all meetings, please visit the Muirfield Calendar.

The Board of Directors generally meets the third Thursday of every other month. Residents may attend a board meeting (except for executive session) by submitting a request no fewer than 10 days prior to the meeting. Mail a request to the office or email info@muirfieldassociation.com.

The Design Control Committee generally meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month. In order to have a plan reviewed, it must be submitted by Friday at 1:00 p.m. preceding the meeting. Design Review applications are here.

The Grounds and Facilities Committee generally meets the last Monday of every other month.

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FAQ: Who is currently serving on the Board of Directors, Design Control Committee, and Grounds & Facilities Committee?

Answer: Visit the following links to view current members:

Muirfield Board of Directors
Grounds & Facilities Committee
Design Control Committee

To contact these organizations, either mail your request to the office or email info@muirfieldassociation.com.

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FAQ: What are my annual dues going to be and what do they cover?

Answer: At present, the annual assessment is $2.20 per $1,000.00 of the fair market value of the property as determined on or about January 1st of each year by the county appraiser. Therefore, to figure the amount, multiply the fair market value of the home times .0022 to get the annual assessment amount. For the exact amount, please call the Association office at 614-889-0922 during regular business hours of 8:00 - 4:30, Monday-Friday.

The annual assessment is billed one year in arrears, just like property taxes. For example, the 2017 annual assessment will be invoiced on or around the third week of January 2018.

The annual assessment dues cover the maintenance and upkeep of all common areas and amenities, capital improvements, and the costs of running the Association. The assessment collection gives all residents the right to use the Muirfield amenities free of charge.

Each sub-association has dues that are in addition to the Muirfield Association annual assessment. Each sub-association is autonomous in their dues amount, payment timing, and what the dues cover. Muirfield Association staff does not know this information. Please visit the Sub-Associations page for sub-association contact information.

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FAQ: When are invoices sent, when are they due and how may I pay?

Answer: Annual assessment invoices are sent each year between the third week of January and the first week of February. Regardless of when they are sent, residents have 30 days from the date of the invoice to pay. Read more on the Assessment Collection Policy.

The Association accepts checks, money orders, and cash. Many residents pay online through their bank's standard bill pay program. Most banks do not charge fees to utilize online banking and Muirfield Association does not charge any fee at all to use this method.

Payments may be mailed, brought to the office, or sent via your bank's bill pay program. There is a locked drop box available by the front door of the office in the event the office is not open. Do not leave cash in the drop box! The Association is not responsible for stolen items.

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FAQ: What is the Members Area and why should I register for it?

Answer: The Members Area of our website contains information only available to Muirfield residents and property owners. It includes Muirfield financial statements, Board of Directors and Grounds & Facilities minutes, annual meeting materials, a link to pay assessments online, access to swim lessons registration, the ability to order firewood, and the ability to request mailbox repairs, extended guest passes, and architect visits.

Please go to https://www.muirfieldassociation.com/members/register.html to register. You will receive an email once your account has been activated. There is no cost to register.

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FAQ: Does living in Muirfield automatically give me membership at a golf course?

Answer: Although Muirfield has two beautiful golf courses within its boundaries, neither are a part of the Muirfield Association. The Country Club at Muirfield has social memberships available. Visit them online to learn more at http://www.tccmv.com/. The Muirfield Village Golf Club can be visited online at http://thememorialtournament.com/.

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FAQ: What happens during the Memorial Tournament?

Answer: The Muirfield Village Golf Club mails tournament information and parking passes to residents each year before the tournament begins. Parking passes are provided to residents at no charge and enable residents to get to their homes without delay. The passes also ensure that only residents can park in the neighborhood. Although traffic is sometimes heavy on the main streets, it is very well handled during the tournament. Please contact the Golf Club directly for any concerns regarding the tournament or parking at 614-889-6700.

Tickets to the tournament are not included, however, they are available for purchase from The Muirfield Village Golf Club. Call 614-889-6712 or 877-MT BADGE or visit the Muirfield Village Golf Club at http://thememorialtournament.com/.

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FAQ: I'm moving to Muirfield but want to be certain I can have a pool/playset/basketball hoop/etc. Can you approve these before I move?

Answer: Sometimes, potential residents will only want to move to Muirfield if they will be permitted to install elements, such as a pool or recreation equipment, or make other changes to the property, such as removing trees and landscaping or adding a house addition.

The Design Control Committee can't grant approval for any change to the property to anyone other than the current owner. Therefore, the current owner will need to submit a preliminary plan for the change the potential resident would like to make. There is no cost to submit a preliminary plan.

To request preliminary approval for a property change, an owner needs to:

  • Find the application for the change/addition/removal Design Review page. Applications are in alphabetic order.
  • Submit the application with everything requested (except the fee, which does not apply to preliminary plans) to the Association office. The mailing address is on the Contact page. Be certain to indicate that this is a preliminary plan. Applications that do not require physical material samples may be emailed to info@muirfieldassociation.com.
  • If a site map is requested, an overhead view of the property from a site such as Bing or Google maps will usually suffice. Maps are also available on the auditor's site. Contact the office if questions.
  • The committee will respond to the owner in writing. If time is of extreme essence, please call the Association office at 614-889-0922.

Submitting a preliminary plan does not actually allow for an addition, change or removal to be performed on the property. It also does not obligate the current owner or buyer to make the change. Rather, it allows a potential buyer to know whether an addition, change or removal would be approvable. Once a buyer owns the property, they will need to officially submit the plan to the Design Control Committee for the change they wish to make.

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FAQ: My question isn't on here. Who do I contact?

Answer: Are we missing a question you'd like to see answered? Email us at and ask! Alternately, please call the office at (614) 889-0922. We'll be happy to help!

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