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The Declaration (also referred to as the Warranty Deed) is the backbone of the Muirfield Village community. It is the legal instrument that governs Muirfield's restrictions and design standards as a planned unit development. It is recommended that residents and potential residents are familiar with this document.

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The Declaration's original signature page and the Use of New Technology Amendment, passed in 2013, are below. The Property Handbook is an excellent companion to the Declaration. The handbook outlines the guidelines and design review standards in a detailed manner.

View the Declaration Signature Page
Use of New Technology Amendment
Muirfield Property Handbook

Note: The text of the Declaration is presented on this website for readability purposes only. The original Declaration is on file with both Franklin County and Delaware County. View the original signature page of the Declaration.

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Declaration (Warranty Deed)
Declaration Table of Contents
Declaration in PDF format
Declaration Signature Page
Use of New Technology Amendment
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