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An important standing committee of the Muirfield Association is the Design Control Committee. Members of this committee are empowered by the Declaration (Warranty Deed) and design standards to review and pass judgment on all plans for exterior construction in the Village.

All residential properties are required by the Declaration to comply with the terms of the deed and design standards in construction, repair, and remodeling. This assures Muirfield properties will retain their high values high and the community will maintain set standards. It's not about superficial appearances: standards require that materials used in exterior construction and renovation are of exceptional quality.

The Declaration and design guidelines provide direction for types of materials, colors, finishes, and location of new construction homes as well as all remodeling and updating projects. The Design Control Committee meets twice monthly to evaluate plans submitted and review new materials and requests from residents. Visit the calendar for upcoming meeting dates and submission deadlines. Visit Design Review to obtain forms or visit the Muirfield Property Handbook page to learn more about Muirfield's design requirements.

The Muirfield Association continues to offer free, one-hour sessions with Mr. Taylor and/or Mr. Reiner to assist residents with property enhancements. Read more about this terrific program!

Members of the Design Control Committee
  • John Reiner, Landscape Architect
  • Richard Taylor, AIA, Architect
  • Walter Zeier, General Manager of the Muirfield Association
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