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Muirfield's Regulations and Legal Documents

Muirfield Village's property restrictions are in place to ensure property owners of a rich quality of life, continued high property values, and a beautiful neighborhood and community. Any person buying a property in Muirfield Village will be bound by these standards, so the Association recommends that potential owners should become familiar with the following:

Declaration (Warranty Deed)
The Declaration (also referred to as the Warranty Deed) is the backbone of the Muirfield Village community. It is the legal instrument that governs Muirfield's restrictions and design standards as a planned unit development. It is recommended that residents and potential residents become familiar with this document, especially sections Article 7 and Article 8.

Property Handbook
The Muirfield Property Handbook is an excellent resource for owners and potential owners of Muirfield properties. It does not supercede the Declaration, but rather, it is an easy-to-understand companion. Read onscreen or dowload in PDF format: complete version with photos or the compact version (text only).

The By-Laws (Code of Regulations) of Muirfield Association, Inc. are the operational procedures that govern the Board of Directors. The By-Laws outline the rules for board actions and the methods by which meetings are conducted.

Articles of Incorporation
The Articles of Incorporation of Muirfield Association, Inc. can be downloaded below. The Articles of Incorporation define how Muirfield Association, Inc. was formed. As defined in the Declaration, all residents are automatically members of Muirfield Association, Inc. by virtue of their residency.

Property Policies
The Muirfield Property Policies are the rules and regulations enacted by the Muirfield Association, Inc. to maintain property values and the quality of life in Muirfield Village. Policies include the Assessment Collection Policy, Common Elements Policy, Deed Enforcement Policy, Design Review Policy, Home Exterior Policy, Lot, Lawn and Landscape Policy, Paint Maintenance Policy, Parking Policy, Pet Policy, and Signage Policy. Please visit the Design Review page for guidelines and applications for specific projects.
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