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During the Annual Meeting of the Muirfield Association, Inc. in April 2013, an amendment to the Code of Regulations (By-Laws) was voted upon and passed. At the time the original Code of Regulations was created, electronic communications did not exist. This amendment allows Muirfield Association and residents to utilize electronic mail (email), electronic transmission or other technology as may be available in the future to communicate. Previously, written communication was required.

This amendment helps Muirfield Association Inc. to be fiscally responsible, save paper and to keep our community green. This amendment allows:

The Use of New Technology Amendment can be downloaded below.

Download the Use of New Technology Amendment (Franklin County)
Download the Use of New Technology Amendment (Delaware County)

In 2013, all residents were sent information about the New Technology Amendment agreement. The form corresponding to that notice may be downloaded below:

New Technology Agreement Form

To Opt-In to Electronic Communications:

To participate in electronic communications, update your information online. Alternately, you may print, fill out, and return the New Technology Agreement Form to the Muirfield Association either by postal mail, by placing it in our secure lock box, or by scanning the completed form and emailing it to info@muirfieldassociation.com.

To Opt-Out of Electronic Communications:

You may choose to opt out of receiving electronic communications at any time by advising the Association office. You may update your information online, email a request to info@muirfieldassociation.com or mail the office at: Muirfield Association, Inc., 8372 Muirfield Dr., Dublin, OH 43017.

Please note that if you opt out after an electronic ballot has already been issued for an election, we cannot issue a paper ballot for the same election. However, all ballots for future elections will be paper.
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