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Introducing a quick and easy way to update your contact information and preferences with the Muirfield Association!

Tired of calling or emailing the Muirfield Association when you want to change the way the Association contacts you? Now you can quickly manage your Muirfield online subscriptions and preferences, update your email address and phone number, and sign up for the Muirfield Members Area... all in one place!

It's easy! Just fill out the form below and we'll update our records. If you need to make a change later, just come back and give us your new information! Most changes are made the next business day, but please allow up to three business days for the changes to take effect.

If you need to make a change to online billing after the assessment billing has been mailed or emailed that year, you must call the office at 614-889-0922.

If you request a change regarding the annual meeting materials or online voting after the annual meeting packet has been mailed that year or after ballots have been emailed electronically, changes will go into effect the following year.

We will update our records with the most recent information you provide us. If more than one person from the same household responds using this form, we will use the most recent form we receive. We do not disclose your personal information. Read our Privacy Policy.

Subscription Preferences

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Yes! I want to receive my annual assessment invoice sent to my email.
No, mail my annual assessment to me.
Do not make any changes to my current billing preference.

Yes! I want to access the annual meeting packet online and I want to vote online.
No, mail my annual meeting packet and voting ballots to me.
Do not make any changes to my current annual meeting or voting preferences.

If you checked "Yes" above, you must check the box below to agree to the following:
I agree to receive any required notices through electronic means. I may also provide my signature, vote, consent or approval through electronic mail, electronic transmission, or any other technology so available in the future.
I Agree

Please note: you may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link on the bottom of any email. We will also unsubscribe you if you say No below; however, please provide us with the email address(es) you wish to have removed in the Comments section at the end of this form.

Yes! I want to receive Muirfield e-News.
No, I do not want to receive Muirfield e-News.
Do not make any changes to my e-News subscription.

If you are not already signed up for the Members Area, please enter your desired username and password below. Passwords are case sensitive. You will receive an email once your account is confirmed. If you are already signed up for the Members Area, skip this step. If you just want to change your Members Area password, please log in to change it immediately or recover a forgotten password here.

Contact Information

If you said "Yes" to "Annual Meeting Packet and Online Voting", this is the email your voting ballot will go to.

Submit My Changes

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Thank you for updating your information and preferences! As a reminder, allow up to 3 (three) business days for your changes to take effect. You may return to this form any time your information or preferences change. Please contact us with any questions.