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MSAC is a 100% volunteer committee comprised of Muirfield residents. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for Muirfield residents to enjoy social, educational and chartable activities with their Muirfield neighbors. The committee plans and promotes programs, for all age groups, intended to benefit the general enjoyment of Muirfield families.

As many residents may recall, the MVCA was initially a separate entity from the Homeowner’s Association and operated as a voluntary membership organization with a membership fee. By reorganizing as a committee of the Homeowner’s Association, MSAC has greatly reduced operating expenses, which allows the committee to focus resources exclusively on neighborhood social activities. MSAC receives no direct financial support for events or activities from annual assessments or other Association funds. MSAC therefore asks that each household consider making a contribution of up to $25 per year. Read more here.

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Want to get involved and volunteer with the Social Activities Committee? Email us - we'd love to hear from you!