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2020 Santa Walk-By

This year's event was completely re-imagined to be 100% outdoors, replacing the "Breakfast with Santa" M-SAC has organized in past years at The Country Club of Muirfield Village. The event featured Santa and his personalized mailbox and winter throne visiting Muirfield residents during a 7-hour event. Over 100 families, 450-500 visitors including about 175 children attended. And 100 letters were dropped off for Santa!

The line to see Santa was spaced out over about 1/5th of a mile of the walking path around the pool and everyone kept their group separated and distanced. The path to Santa was lined with holiday decorations and volunteers also filled the air by playing holiday music. Once visitors reached the gazebo, they saw a wonderfully decorated setting fitting of our VIP guest – Santa Claus. Visitors got to talk to Santa from a safe distance and tell him their wishes for holiday presents. And the weather was perfect, lots of sunshine to warm the bodies as the event warmed the hearts of all involved.

Dr, Bob Fathman, Muirfield Association Board President, said, "M-SAC is such a special part of Muirfield, organizing so many events that bring us together as a community. Faced with the pandemic causing so many social things to be cancelled, this was a terrific solution, a safe solution, to bring Christmas joy to so many children in Muirfield."

Below are some photos from the event:

2019 Brunch With Santa

On Saturday, December 14, The Muirfield Social Activities Committee (MSAC) held its annual Brunch with Santa. This year again, the community response to the events were overwhelming. After selling out both seatings in just under an hour, we rearranged the layout of the room to increase seating capacity for both events to address a sizable wait list that had formed. A very special thanks to the staff of the Country Club for their efforts. The final attendance figures were just under 470, easily the largest event we have ever held.

Guests made tremendous crafts, decorated cookies and of course, there was time to talk to Santa and relay everyones Christmas wishes.

A special thanks to MSAC members and others who helped plan, publicize and organize the event as well as making sure it ran smoothly. Julie Smith (MSAC member), Kristina Ledford (MSAC member), Merideth Tolbert (MSAC member), Grant Mooi (MSAC member), Kevin Ledford (MSAC member), Josh Ledford, Ashley Ledford and Sarah Ledford.

Another special thank you to Allison DiRossi, who helped capture photos of the events and especially those visits with Santa. Those pictures are shown below. If you don't see a photo you are looking for - feel free to email social@muirfieldassociation.com and we will see if we have it.

The events were another huge success! The Muirfield Association and MSAC members wish everyone in Muirfield and their families a very happy holiday season!

Here are some photos from the 2019 Brunch with Santa.


2018 Brunch With Santa

On Saturday, December 15, Santa came to town to visit during the annual MSAC Brunch with Santa. Over 400 Muirfield residents and guests came to enjoy a wonderful brunch, crafts and activities, and a visit from Santa himself!

In 2017, the initial seating for Brunch with Santa sold out in a matter of 4 hours. Through the hard work and dedication of MSAC members along with cooperation from the Country Club, an additional seating was hurriedly added to accommodate additional families to wished to attend. The event in 2017 was just over 350 people. In 2018, through good planning and the assistance of the Country Club, a full 2nd seating was added brining the capacity to 400. Despite this, a small wait list still existed, and the final attendance ended up at just about 420 people.

Santa and his helpers were able to spend the morning with all of the kids as they worked diligently at the various craft tables and of course got to spend time with Santa himself.

Thank you to all of those who worked so hard to put on this event for Muirfield residents and their families and guests. It was a huge success! The MSAC Committee wishes everyone in Muirfield and their families a very happy holiday season!

From Left to Right: Matt Salts (MSAC Member), Kristina Ledford (MSAC Member), Josh Ledford, Santa Claus, Ashley Ledford, Sarah Ledford, Kevin Ledford (MSAC Member), Julie Stoddard Smith (MSAC Member). Not Pictured: Becca Wleklinski (MSAC Member), Ray DiRossi (MSAC Member), Allison DiRossi (photographer)

Here are some photos from the 2018 Brunch with Santa.