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Your Muirfield Social Activities Committee

Dear Neighbors,

The Muirfield Village Civic Association (MVCA) is pleased to announce that it has recently reorganized as the Muirfield Social Activities Committee (MSAC), a new committee of the Muirfield Association, Inc. Our focus is to promote community events and more neighborhood social activities.

As many residents may recall, the MVCA was initially a separate entity from the Homeowner’s Association and operated as a voluntary membership organization, with a membership fee of $30 per year. These dues allowed the MVCA to host social events unique to our neighborhood, including the Progressive Dinner, Easter Egg Hunt, and Movies Under the Stars. By reorganizing as a committee of the Homeowner’s Association, we have greatly reduced our operating expenses to allow us to focus our resources exclusively on neighborhood social activities.

To be clear – we are a 100% volunteer committee comprised of Muirfield residents and we receive no direct financial support for our events or activities from our annual assessments or other Association funds.

During this transition, we are focused on continuing some of our most successful events such as Brunch with Santa, the Egg Hunt and the Fishing Derby as well as helping to promote a number of existing community groups like the Garden Club, the Euchre Club, Empty Nesters and the Women’s and Men’s Empty Nester Lunch Groups. These social activities contribute to what makes Muirfield so special as well as fostering a sense of community pride and reinforcing the idea that our neighborhood is much more than a collection of homes. The committee is open to hearing from you about other events you would like us to consider adding to calendar.

In order for these events to continue, we are asking each household to consider making a contribution of up to $25 per year.

Donating is easy! Support MSAC by donating through PayPal. Alternately, checks to help support MSAC’s social events may be sent to:

The Muirfield Association
8372 Muirfield Drive
Dublin, OH 43017

Make payable to Muirfield Association, but be certain to add “MSAC” to the memo field.

Thank you in advance for considering this request. We are very excited and hopeful that with your support, our neighborhood social events will continue to thrive and grow.

Respectfully submitted,
The MSAC Committee Members

Published November 21, 2017

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