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When to use these guidelines and application: use to place a temporary tent on the property for special occasions. Residents sometimes use these types of tents during the Memorial Tournament.

After reading the guidelines below, download and submit the application, which includes a list of information and materials to submit:

Tent Application

  1. A request for temporary tent installation shall be submitted and approved by the Muirfield Design Control Committee before installation begins
  2. Tents must be located at least 10’ from any property lines
  3. Tents may not obstruct neighboring views of the golf course
  4. Tents facing the golf courses must be green in color
  5. No exterior flags, banners, advertisements or signage is permitted on tents or properties
  6. Tents larger than 120 sq. ft. need a permit from Washington Twp. Fire Department
  7. Provide design review fee payment of $5.00.
What to Include with this Application

To avoid delays and to prevent the application from being tabled, please ensure the application is filled out completely and include two copies of the application and two each of all relevant materials (samples, photos, drawings, site maps, brochures, etc.) plus the design review fee. One copy will be returned to the submitter. Include the following:

If you have any questions, please contact the Association office, 614-889-0922.

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