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When to use these guidelines and application: use to add or change skylights.

Dome skylights, solar panels, and solar tubes ("sun tunnels") are prohibited.

After reading the guidelines below, download and submit the application, which includes a list of information and materials to submit:

Skylight Application


Skylights are a great feature to fill the home with natural light and fresh air. They can transform conventional rooms into spaces that add value and quality to a home. The skylights may be fixed or vented style. The appearance on the exterior roofline must be non-invasive. Solar panels, solar tubes and sky tunnels are prohibited.

This guide sheet is designed to assist you in preparing an application to submit to the Muirfield Design Control Committee for your project. These guidelines are in accordance with the Muirfield Design Standards. All skylight changes or additions must be approved by the Muirfield Design Control Committee in writing prior to starting the project. Obtaining this approval is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner; however, the contractor may submit the request on behalf of the owner. The following are required for compliance:

  1. Submit 2 complete applications including applicable drawings, photos, brochures, samples and fee.
  2. Provide professionally prepared, scaled drawings with roof details showing skylight placement, dimensions and color. Exterior portions of skylights must be compatible with the roof color.
  3. Photos of the existing roof where skylight is to be installed.
  4. The skylight may be a fixed or vented style that presents a non-invasive appearance on the exterior roofline.
  5. Approval is granted on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Provide design review fee payment of $10.00.
What to Include with this Application

To avoid delays and to prevent the application from being tabled, please ensure the application is filled out completely and include two copies of the application and two each of all relevant materials (samples, photos, drawings, site maps, brochures, etc.) plus the design review fee. One copy will be returned to the submitter.

Include the following information about the Skylight Materials. Dome and solar tube skylights are prohibited.

If you have any questions, please contact the Association office, 614-889-0922.

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