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When to use these guidelines and application: use to add or change awnings on the house.

After reading the guidelines below, download and submit the application, which includes a list of information and materials to submit:

Awnings Application


Awnings are permanent structures attached to the home to provide shade over a deck or patio. Awnings must be proportioned to fit the area and in an earth-toned color that compliments the home. There are several items to consider when selecting the type, style and color for your home. Consider how the awning will attach to the home and how the support arms will affect maneuverability. Lateral-arm style supports tend to have more head clearance without using support posts. Awning-to-floor vertical support posts reduce the amount of usable space and clutters the area. Awnings must be soffit-mounted or wall mounted; roof mounting is prohibited. Metal, fiberglass and roof-mounted awnings are prohibited. Select a solid color or small patterned tweed that compliments the color of the house. A simple straight-across drape works best. Decorative edges such as scallops, fringe, or tassels are prohibited.

The following are required for compliance for awning installation:

  1. Written approval from the MDCC must be obtained before installation begins.
  2. Submit two complete applications including pertinent drawings, prints, brochures, samples and fee to the MDCC prior to starting this project. Support arms and/or pole location must be shown on the diagram.
  3. Consider using lateral arm style supports to give more head clearance and space. The awning-to-floor vertical support posts will diminish the amount of useable space.
  4. Clarify type of mounting on the home. Awnings must be soffit or wall mounted. They may not be installed on the front of any home or on the roof.
  5. Awning material must be solid or small patterned color that compliments the exterior of the home. Large patterns, checks and plaids are not approved.
  6. Striped material, ball fringe, tassels and elaborate valances are prohibited. A simple straight across drape works best.
  7. Design Review fee payment of $15.00
What to Include with this Application

To avoid delays and to prevent the application from being tabled, please ensure the application is filled out completely and include two copies of the application and two each of all relevant materials (samples, photos, drawings, site maps, brochures, etc.) plus the design review fee. One copy will be returned to the submitter. Include the following:

Please call the office for assistance at 614-889-0922.

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