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Are you thinking about planning a birthday party, family gathering, or other event at the pool? If you'd like to guarantee a pergola shelter is available for your event, the Association pools have a total of five shelters available to reserve! Keep reading shelter reservation information below or go to available shelters (includes pricing), make a reservation request, or checking availability, reservation questions and contact information.

Of course, residents are always welcome to bring guests to the pool and use any shelter that is currently open. If you plan to bring a group of 20 or more, please call the pool in advance (preferably one week in advance) so the pool can add extra staff if needed.

Pool Pergola Shelter Reservation Information

There are five pergola shelters that can be reserved; four at the Holbrook pool and one at the Glick pool. All of the shelters have a covering that makes them partially shaded. None are fully shaded or rain proof. All shelters are furnished with at least one table plus chairs. The amount of tables and chairs depends on the size of the shelter.

Shelter Reservation

Food and Beverages


Set up, Clean up and Decorations

Other Regulations and Information

Available Shelters

View a map of shelters here. A list of available shelters at each pool with photos are below. Please note: several photos were taken before the start of the season and tables and chairs were not arranged yet.

Holbrook Pool
Small shelter near spray ground (water sprinkler park)
$25 for 2 hours

Holbrook Pool
Small shelter near diving bay
$25 for 2 hours

Holbrook Pool
Small shelter at back northeast corner of the pool
$25 for 2 hours

Glick Pool
Large shelter near entrance
$50 for 2 hours

To determine if a particular shelter is open on your desired date and time, please call the pool at which you'd like to hold your event: 889-0837 (Holbrook) or 889-1504 (Glick).

Make a Reservation Request

Before beginning, contact the pool at which you'd like to hold your event during regular pool hours to determine if your preferred date and time are open. The Holbrook pool can be reached at 614-889-0837 and the Glick pool at 614-889-1504. Shelters may not be reserved on Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, or the 4th of July (plus the adjacent weekend if the 4th falls on a Friday or Monday)

To request a shelter, download the Muirfield Pool Shelter Reservation Request form below, fill out the first two pages (the second two pages are for your reference), and bring the completed form to the pool where you would like to hold your event at least 7 days in advance. Blank reservation forms are also available at the pools.

Muirfield Pool Shelter Reservation Request

After the form is received, the pool manager will review the request. A member of the staff will contact you to confirm your event. Event is not considered approved until pool staff contacts you with verification.

Reservations are only handled through the pools. The Association office staff can't process reservation forms and does not know shelter availability. Only the pool can accept reservations, check availability, and answer questions.

Checking Availability, Reservation Questions and Contact Information

To check availability of a particular shelter or a particular date and time, call the pool at which you'd like to hold your event (numbers are listed below). We suggest checking availability before placing a reservation request.

For all questions regarding reservations and holding events at the pools, please contact the pools directly:

Holbrook: 614-889-0837
Glick: 614-889-1504

Because all reservations and pool events are handled by the pool manager, we regret that the Association office cannot assist with reservations or availability.