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Directory listings might look like either of these two fictitious examples or can fall anywhere between them. For example, some residents have chosen to include a home number but not a cell, others have chosen to include email addresses but no phone numbers at all. Some include children's names; others do not. The amount and type of information included in each listing is entirely up to the resident! Add your listing here.

This is a fictitious directory listing for the Jones family. They have three children, one of whom has a different last name. The Jones family has chosen to include all optional information in their listing (optional information includes a second head of household's name, children's names, phone numbers, and email addresses).

Jones John, Mary
(George, Samantha Davis, James)
1234 Muirfield Dr.
614-555-1212 - Home
614-555-1111 - John's cell
614-555-2222 - Mary's cell
jmjsg2015@none.com - Mary's email
goinggolfing@none.com - John's email
Lot 195

The minimum information that must be included in any directory listing is one head of household's name and a Muirfield street address. A fictitious listing with only the minimum information is below.

Johnson Linda
5678 Muirfield Dr.
Lot 196

Note: Muirfield Association will automatically include the a number on all listings.