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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: May, 11 2022

The Muirfield Association Board of Directors and Staff want to congratulate all 2022 graduating high school seniors and college graduates.

The Association office has been receiving calls regarding the signage policy in Muirfield Village since this is the time of year that signs start appearing across Muirfield Village to recognize graduates for all of their hard work and accomplishments.

The policy for graduation signs is:
Residents may place a graduation sign celebrating a resident’s recent graduation from a school or academic program, as follows:

Frame/Sign: Maximum size for signs is a surface area of no more than 4’ x 10’
Quantity and Placement: Graduation signs must be placed at the front of your home and must be located within the buildable area on each lot, with a total of no more than one graduation sign placed on each lot.
Term: Graduation signs will be displayed on a lot no earlier than two weeks before the resident’s graduation day/commencement ceremony and must be removed within two weeks following graduation day/commencement ceremony.

Published April, 2020

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