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Use this form for any of the following reasons:

Changes, corrections, and modifications may also be emailed to info@muirfieldassociation.com. To avoid delays or errors in your listing, please make your request specific.

If you need to add a new listing, please use this page to add your listing. If you wish to completely remove your entire listing, go here.

You may add, change or remove any or all of the following on your household's listing:
- Second head of household's name *
- Children's names *;
- Phone number(s)
- Email address(es)

* Note: If residents have moved in or out of your home, contact the office instead of using this form. If you only want to add or remove name(s) from the online listing, you may use this form.

To avoid errors or delays, please be very specific with your directions. If there are no changes to a particular portion of your listing, check the "No change" box for that portion. Changes will appear online when the directory is next updated. See publication schedule.

Fields marked with an asterisk * are required.

Staff will only use this to confirm receipt of your request or to clarify information. No additions or changes to your email address will be made to your online listing unless you request so in "E-mail Addresses" below.

Fill in any changes below or check "No change". No change

List ONLY children or extended family who are LIVING full time in the home. Fill in any changes below or check "No change". No change

Fill in any changes to email addresses below or check "No change". Households may list a maximum of two email addresses. Optionally, you may indicate to whom the address belongs. Example: jmjsg2015@none.com - Mary's email No change

Fill in any changes to phone number(s) below. or check "No change". Please indicate which number (if any) is a home number. Households may list a maximum of two cell phone numbers and one home number. Always include area code. Optionally, you may indicate to whom cell numbers belong. Example: 614-555-1111 - John's cell No change

Comments will not be published.

To change your household's listing, you must agree to the following:
I understand that inclusion in the Muirfield Resident Directory is completely voluntary and that I may request removal at any time. I further understand that no website is 100% secure and that others may use my information to contact my household through email, by phone, and/or street address. I will not hold Muirfield Association, Inc. responsible for any misuse of the information I provide. I have read and agree to this website's Terms of Service Agreement.
I Agree

Please review your information for typographical errors before clicking Submit.

Thank you! A staff member will reply to your email confirming that your changes were received.
Please complete all required fields.

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