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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: May, 22 2022

Report Of May HOA Board Meeting

Hello, Muirfielders! Compliments to all of you who have been planting flowers, trimming bushes, mulching, and perfecting your lawns as we all prep for the Memorial Tournament and the many guests we host, or for parties to celebrate our many graduating seniors. Our area shines to visitors and we residents. The HOA staff have been busily mulching and planting 2,100 pots of flowers, having finished about 80% of that work by last evening, and they are hard at work again today. Let’s give them a friendly thumbs up for all they do for us. It is a beautiful time of year in Muirfield and all of Dublin.

At the meeting the current officers were all unanimously re-elected: President Bob Fathman, Vice President Tom Oleksa, Secretary Paula Linehan, Finance Chair Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher and General Manager Walter Zeier. Ray DiRossi was again appointed Chair of the Muirfield Social Activities Committee, and Bob Fathman Chair of the Civic Action Committee. The Board decided to restructure the former Grounds and Facilities Committee to become a series of special purpose Task Forces as needed, with the Board's thanks and appreciation to those who had been serving on that Committee, providing the Board with helpful survey results. and other feedback. Those members working to upgrade the landscaping at entrances will continue to advise through the completion of that project.

General Manager Walter Zeier reported that the slide at our North Pool has had metal work repaired and it has been repainted and reinstalled. At the Muirfield Drive Pool a significant leak was identified at the baby pool, and as the larger pool there has a zero-entry area which nicely accommodates toddlers, that pool will not re-open. If you walk in that area, you may have noticed work in the concrete decking as we and a contractor have been working to identify and correct an underground leak at that pool. The pool will reopen on time as work continues to solve that issue.

Assistant General Manager Chris Carter reported to the Board that in March and April 202 requests had been submitted to the Design Control Committee, with 85% approved on first look, and most of the other approved when additional details were added. Updating and renewing our homes and all of Muirfield is a continuous process, and our staff is always willing to consult from the earliest stages to help residents implement improvements.

Once the Tournament is behind us, Mr. Zeier reported that he and the grounds staff will be evaluating all 29 miles of our path system to plan for repairs and repaving to take place this Fall.

A new street and traffic impact soon to come just came to our attention: Thanks resident JM for the heads up on this one. The City will be installing a force main sewer system on Dublin Road between Emerald Parkway and Glenaire Drive [north of The Reserve] beginning on June 8, 2022. The project primarily constructs 2.5 miles of 16” force main sanitary sewer underneath Dublin Road and a new pump station across from Glenaire Drive. One-way traffic will be maintained for the majority of the project except for a short-term full road closure currently scheduled for the last week of July. Traffic can expect detours within the project limits until early November 2022. Detour routes will be published at least 1 week ahead of any traffic changes. The sequence of construction is below for reference. Phase 1: Emerald Pkwy to Brand Road, northbound traffic detoured to Coffman Road. Approximate schedule June 8 – July 19. Phase 2: Brand Road to Bellaire Drive, northbound traffic detoured to Muirfield Drive from Brand Road. Includes three day full road closure at Limerick Lane. Approximate schedule July 20 – August 11. Phase 3 & 4: Bellaire Drive to Glenaire Drive, southbound traffic detoured to Muirfield Drive at Glick Road. Approximate schedule August 12 – Nov 10. The pump station will not be constructed until next year.

These detours will divert much extra traffic onto Glick and Muirfield Drives. Put those dates into your calendars and be sure the bikers or kids walking to the pools are keenly aware, and encouraged to use nearby tunnels when that is possible. Be safe pulling out of our intersecting streets.

These detours will divert much extra traffuc onto Glick and Muirfield Drive. Put those dates into your calendar and be sure the bikeres or kids walking to the pools are keenly aware, and ecouraged

Published May, 2022

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