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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: May, 19 2022

Seasonal Guest Pass

Muirfield Association is excited to make available a new pass starting this year for the pools. In the past, we have had something called a “Nanny Pass” that allowed caregivers to Muirfield resident children a way to go to the pools with a nonresident who can watch them when their own family members were not available.

To maximize the use of our pools and to address broader needs within our neighborhood, starting this year, we are creating a new pass called the “Seasonal Guest Pass.” This pass allows a Muirfield resident to bring a nonresident into the pool facility. Each Seasonal Guest Pass is unique to a specific person and so each person would have to have one. For example, this Seasonal Guest Pass could allow a care giver to watch small children who are Muirfield residents such as a nanny, or nonresident grandparents to have a Seasonal Guest Pass to take their grandchildren to the pool, or grandparents to regularly bring the nonresident grandchildren. Each Seasonal Guest Pass holder is always required to have a Muirfield resident with them each time they want to enter the pool facility, and like all pool users must follow all rules and regulations and lifeguard/staff directions, and Seasonal Guest Pass privileges may be suspended or revoked for violations at the Association’s discretion.

The cost is $100.00 per Seasonal Guest Pass, and the Seasonal Guest Pass is only valid for the current year’s pool season. Again, one Seasonal Guest Pass is required for each non Muirfield resident applying for one. Passes are non-transferrable and are non-refundable. Guests are also still allowed through the existing $5/Day Daily Guest Pass.

Published May, 2022

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