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The following residents have been nominated to serve on the Muirfield Association Board of Directors for a 3-year term. The nominees have submitted the following biographical sketches. Read all of them below or click a name for a specific biography. You may vote for up to 3 candidates.

Valerie Brown
Robert Carlisle
Christopher Junga
Paula Linehan *
Tom Oleksa *


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A willingness to listen. A belief that you and your ideas deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. A love for Muirfield and its traditions. Spend carefully and apply common sense. A sense of humor and humanity. These are the values I offer as a candidate. This is your neighborhood; I’m running to be your voice.

I’ll bring fresh perspective to the Board and am trained to find creative solutions to challenges. I’ll use my skills to open communication and facilitate amicable and respectful dialogue among Board members and with residents.

As a teacher and business owner, I’m accustomed to wrangling budget challenges. I’ve spent 16 years figuring out how to creatively cover the bases, penny pinch when needed and allocate when necessary. I will spend your money with great care and consideration.

"Team Brown" consists of my husband, Jason, and our two daughters. We’ve explored the paths, fished the ponds and enjoyed all our village has to offer for 12 years. Muirfield is unique - that's why we worked so hard to bring our family here. As a young couple, we nursed a neglected Muirfield home back to health because we saw potential here. The new neighborhoods surrounding us demand that we stay current.

In 2017 I received the Superintendents Award for my work as a teacher over 16 years. I hold a Master’s Degree in Education from The Ohio State University.

I ask for your vote and promise to work hard on your behalf.

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I will strive to increase the value of services we receive in Muirfield by applying my Six Sigma Black Belt knowledge to lowering operating and capital improvement costs, allowing the savings for additional investments or services. I am committed to increasing the wellbeing of our neighborhood and city, in a fair and honest way, and will take all perspectives into consideration when creating, ruling on, or enforcing our policies. Our backgrounds, lifestyles, interests and adaptations have changed and evolved over the years, but our core beliefs and values haven’t; treat others as you want to be treated, do your best, help one another, and enjoy life. I will continue to support our Muirfield’s beliefs and values with a current approach to reducing costs, enhancing value, minimizing waste, and creating new opportunities for services.

My civic efforts exemplify my commitment to our city and neighborhood. I volunteer for the City, have graduated from the citizen academies for police, fire, city, and sheriff, as well as committed my professional life to bringing broadband to the residents of Muirfield, after 3 years in the Broadband Consortium searching for solutions. I have actively served the last 2 years on the Civic Action Committee and stay abreast of the City and school impacts on Muirfield by attending over 95% of the “Coffee and Conversations” as well as on-going conversations with City and school officials. I have lived in Muirfield over 9 years and have committed to raise my family here. Help me make it better.

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My name is Chris Junga and I have been a resident of Muirfield Village for the past three and a half years. My wife and I have two wonderful children, ages 7 and 10, who attend Eli Pinney and participate on the Muirfins Swim Team. We moved from Bexley, Ohio because of the exceptional schools, and the safe and beautiful neighborhood. After purchasing our home, we spent the majority of our first year renovating the interior and exterior of our home in order to bring it up to date while maintaining the beautiful aesthetic of many of the homes in our community. As we have spent the last several years being part of the community and enjoying the many amenities of Muirfield Village, I wish to become involved and offer my service and experience to maintaining and improving our neighborhood.

Having grown up in Toledo, Ohio, I graduated from the University of Toledo College of Law and have been a practicing attorney in central Ohio for the past 18 years. I am currently an attorney at the Office of the Ohio Public Defender. Prior to that, I owned and managed my own law firm, focusing on trial practice and criminal defense. I believe I have the necessary experience in fiscal management and problem solving skills, and most importantly, a commitment to our wonderful community with a desire to provide exceptional service as a member of the Muirfield Board of Directors.

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I have lived in Muirfield Village for over 30 years. I currently serve on the Board of Directors, and have been on the Board’s Civic Action Committee for 12 years. I’m owner of PAULA GROUP, Inc., part of Keller Williams Capital Partners. My work as a full time Real Estate Consultant gives me a special perspective as a Board Member, a keen awareness of what it takes to both protect and enhance the value of our homes, and what makes for an enjoyable, and marketable, lifestyle for our families.

Proud achievements:

I ask for your vote to re-elect me to our Board so that I may continue maintaining and growing our reputation as the premier community of choice for buyers moving to the Dublin area while protecting the investments we have in our homes and our Muirfield lifestyle.

Questions or suggestions? Call me: 614-395-0423. Thanks for your consideration.

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Hi Neighbors. My name is Tom Oleksa (o LEK sa) and I am running for re-election to the Muirfield Board of Directors.

My wife Beverly and I have lived in The Moors of Muirfield for sixteen years and I am retired from a career in sales management. I have been a member and Chair of the Grounds & Facilities Committee for six years before being elected by the Board to fill the seat of Mike Grodhaus.

Based on my participation with the Muirfield Civic Action Committee and my current position on the Board, I feel qualified to ask for your vote to continue the important work before your Board of Directors.

I am proud to have been involved in a Board that has listened more intently to all homeowners and has placed “responding to your concerns” at the top of the Board’s agendas.

I have been involved in bringing forth additional changes in financial control; better maintenance of our facilities; and worked to create an up-to-date drug screening program for new employees.

Through our recent surveys, many good ideas have been presented for the Board’s consideration and I would like to have the opportunity to help bring them to reality.

In my efforts to keep Muirfield Village the premier residential location in Dublin, I ask you to give me the opportunity to continue providing caring service to our community.

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